Testimonials from our satisfied customers.

Everyone we have worked with can attest to our professionalism and quality of service. We have never failed to deliver, and we don’t plan to start now. Our awesome packages and services are pretty affordable too. YGross aims to reduce the stress that comes with planning an event, and we have been doing that successfully for a long time. See what our clients have to say about us.


I hired the complete services of YGross to help plan my eight years old’s party. She is pretty popular in her class, so this means all her parties have to be top-notch and classy. I always struggle to meet up her expectations, and it can be very stressful. This year, I hired YGross and enjoyed taking that decision. Her friends were also very impressed.


Being a single dad becomes even more evident when I have to plan my kids’ parties. I’m mostly always clueless and have to request the help of my mom and sisters. However, this year, I decided to unburden my family by contracting YGross for their services for my six years old’s birthday party.

It was a blissful experience, and my kids enjoyed it. Their friends did too. And the best part was that my family members also got to enjoy the party. They didn’t have to worry about anything going wrong or even go through the stress of planning a memorable party. It also didn’t cost too much.

The kids and parents had so much fun that at the end of the party, I had to let them in on my amazing secret- YGross.

Brandon and Kara

We have three kids, which means we have to struggle to host three birthday parties yearly. Their birthdays are barely months apart too. My husband and I always dread the “birthday period” because it means lots of running around.

Kids are also hard to please, so you have to be sure you are doing the right thing. It takes a toll on us most of the time, and we can’t even settle down to enjoy the party we planned.

However, this year, we decided to contract YGross to plan the entire party. We have used their services for two of our kids already, and we are coming back for the last one. We were delighted with their services, and everything went hassle-free. The kids and their friends also had so much fun.

Cody and Estelle

My husband and I always try to make our kids’ birthdays memorable for them. It means impressing both them and their friends, and it can be quite tasking to find the perfect cake, foods and drinks, and entertainers. The ideal decoration can also be hard to come up with.

However, this year, we hired YGross to plan the entire thing for our third child’s fifth birthday party. They delivered excellent services. Everyone was satisfied, entertained and highly impressed too. We ended up handing out the business cards to several parents.