Kids love jumping castles!

Children love bouncy objects- trampolines or bouncy castles. Anything that tosses them into the air catches them and throws them back excites them. It also excites adults. Everyone loves bouncy castles. Renting jumping castles for your kid’s birthday is certainly going to generate excitement among your guests.

You would see them lining up to have their turn on it. It’s safe too. The best part is, we rent out jumping castles out at affordable prices. They are pretty cheap for the level of fun and excitement they would generate at your party.

YGross offers you a range of jumping castles to choose from. Some of them include the following.

Themed Jumping Castles

Young children love themes. Especially when it is from their favourite animation or movie, hire a Spider-Man themed bouncy castle for your kid’s birthday, and you would be nearly moved to tears by the look of joy in his eyes.

We have various themed bouncy castles here at YGross. From superheroes to Disney princesses, down to other major animated characters, we have got you covered. All you have to do is tell us the theme of your choice, and we will come through for you.

The best part is, you can request more than one bouncy castle. So, you can have as many as you want at your event. In addition, the bouncy castles are inflatable, so this means we can deliver as many as ten to your venue. You also have the option of combining superheroes and Disney princesses.

Super slides and Water Slides

These are bouncy castles with a twist. They have a couple of slides that lead to a shallow pool of water. However, your guests would have to come with their swimming trunks if you are looking to hire super slides and water slides. This activity is better suited for children above the age of ten.

Obstacle Challenge

Another type of bouncy castle with a twist, and they are just as their name suggests. You have to go through some obstacles before you can find your way out. These castles are a bit more challenging than basic castles; they are, however, just as engaging. They are also more suitable for kids above the age of ten.

Bungy Fun Runs

These are more challenging. Bungy fun is a game better suited for young adults from the age of sixteen upwards. Bungy fun run bounces kids horizontally, as opposed to the usual style of bouncing vertically. They are also fun to have at older children’s birthday parties.

We offer these services at extremely fair prices. You also do not have to worry about coming to our office to pick them up. We will have the jumping castles delivered to whatever location you choose.

We would also be responsible for setting up the castles for you. We have inflating tools that would get the job done within the shortest while. What more do you need? Contact us today and let us provide you with this entertainment package that never goes out of style.