Fun games for your kid’s party.

Games are just as important as every other thing at your party. Games should even have their own allocated time at your kid’s party. Children love games, and a kid’s party would be incomplete without them.

Now, another thing you have to worry about is the most suitable games for your party. Kids are picky, and it can be a bit hard to satisfy them most times. You should leave this part to us, as we are pretty experienced at planning kid’s parties. We know what children love, and we will deliver everything to your doorstep.

Fun Games at YGross

We would provide a range of fun and engaging games for your kid’s party with your approval. When you hire our services, you can be assured that no moment would be dull for you and your guests. Instead, they would be entertained and engaged every moment of your party.

Music Statues

Kids enjoy playing music statues. Here’s how the game works. Your entertainer provides the music, and your guests dance and dance until the music stops. When the music stops, every child has to freeze. The entertainer then watches everyone for twitches or slight movements, and these are the disqualifying factors. The game goes on and on until there is just one player left.

We would provide the music and conduct the game, and all you have to do is watch your child and guests have the time of their lives while playing this engaging game.


Tug-of-war is another engaging game that is guaranteed to pull a large number of volunteers. Those who aren’t interested in playing can sit on the sidelines and support their friends. It’s a fun power tussle for kids. Of course, YGross would provide all the equipment needed for the game. We would also ensure that no kid gets injured in the process. We have got it all covered!

Number Crunch

Number crush is an intellectual game that you should not leave out of any kid’s party. It is an opportunity for you to entertain your guests while helping them develop their mathematical skills.

Dancing Games

Is any kids’ party complete without dancing games? Kids love to dance, and you can include dancing games in their list of activities to keep them engaged and entertained. So please sit back and watch your kids show you what they are capable of on the dance floor. As usual, YGross would provide everything needed for this game, including a supervisor to help conduct it and ensure it runs smoothly.

Rainbow Parachute

Rainbow parachute is a game for children that requires cooperation and teamwork. It is an avenue for you to teach your child what it means to work with others and how rewarding it can get. You do not have to worry about the rainbow parachute for the game; we have both it and the conduction and supervision covered.

We’ve got an array of engaging kids’ games at YGross. Reach out to us today!