Our FAQ section should answer most of your questions.


How Do I Find the Perfect Venue?

Finding the perfect venue is our job. We have hosted a lot of kids’ events, and if you would prefer to host the birthday party somewhere else other than your house, then we have got you covered.

All we need are details like the date, preferred location and the number of guests you are looking to host. We would even carry out the booking process for you when you eventually find the perfect location.

Can I Host the Party at My Home?

Yes. You can host the party at your home. We would set everything up there, starting with the décor and style. We have a team of expert decorators and stylists, and they can transform your home into the theme of your choice.

Who Would Cater the Event?

We are your one-stop children’s party planners. It means we have got everything covered. First, we would work with you to determine the most suitable meals and snacks for the event. Then, of course, you would let us know about the allergies and the foods to avoid. We would also take care of the drinks for the event.

Party Favours?

YGross has planned parties for numerous children. As such, we know what kids love to unwrap from their party favours. There are unique and fun surprise packages, and you can also choose to tailor the items in the bags.

Would I Need to Get A Cake?

We offer birthday cakes as part of our packages. Our caterers make the tastiest cakes, and you can once again tailor yours. You can choose the flavour and type of icing you’d like. You also determine the kind of decoration you want.

What Entertainment Packages Do You Offer?

We have clowns, magicians, Disney princesses and superheroes for hire. Depending on the number of guests or your request, you can choose to hire two or even all of our entertainers.

However, typically, for parties with less than eighteen children, we recommend one entertainer, and for parties with eighteen to thirty-five children, we recommend two.

We also have bouncy castles, playhouses and petting zoos for hire. The animals in our petting zoo are pretty friendly, and we ensure that they are treated regularly in case of accidental bites. Once again, you can select the animals you want for your petting zoo package. We also offer face painting services. Kids love it! Face painting is an entertainment option you do not want to leave out.

How Do I Book Your Services?

It is pretty straightforward. You could decide to come down to our office in Sydney to book our services or carry it out online. If you are booking online, please ensure you complete the process so you don’t get left hanging.

How Do I Make Payments?

You can use a debit or credit card. We have to make complete payments before the event so everything can be ready for use.