Unique cake toppers for kids.

Cakes for children are a bit more complicated than cakes for adults because there’s an array of themes for kids out there. There are superhero themes, princess themes and a lot of their favourite animated characters to choose from. Of course, you can’t present a simple cake to a kid like you would an adult.

Their cakes have to have a twist or two. And let’s not forget their cake toppers. Cake toppers are needed to complete the desired theme. You don’t have to worry about scouting all around town for the cake topper for your kid’s themed cake because we have got you covered.

Why should you hire YGross for cake toppers for your kids?

We are Creative

Whether you are hiring us to provide the cake for your kid’s event or merely the topper, we bring you our creative edge. Of course, we make our cake toppers ourselves, and sometimes we buy them. However, you can be assured that we are bringing you creativity when you hire our services.

We Always Deliver

We are party planners you can rely on. We constantly make conscious efforts to deliver when we have been contracted. We are not like the party planners that disappoint on the day of your event. YGross always has a contingency plan because anything can happen. When you buy a cake topper or two from us, you can be assured that you are getting it when it is needed.


Every service we provide at YGross reeks of quality. It includes the cake toppers we supply. We do not go for inferior products. When we make the toppers ourselves, we buy excellent quality materials for them, and when we are buying already made ones, we inspect them thoroughly.

Array of Options

One thing we never fail to offer at YGross is an array of options. Whatever services you require from us, we ensure that we provide you with a range of choices. For your cake toppers, you get to choose from the numerous options we have. Even when we do not have the cake topper you are looking to buy, we will endeavour to make it for you or order it before the due date.

Affordable Prices

One of the perks of hiring YGross for your events is our affordable prices. Planning a kid’s party isn’t always a walk in the park. It also requires a substantial amount of money. However, at YGross, we have planned countless kids’ parties and can now get some services at discounted prices because of our constant patronage. We also buy a lot of the things we use in bulk, so this makes it easy for us to get reduced prices. We extend these discounts and decreased costs to our clients.

When you hire YGross, you are paying less for top-notch and quality services. We are confident we have everything you need for a successful and exciting kids’ party.