YGross is one of Australia’s reputable kids’ entertainment and party planning brokers. Planning a fun kids’ party is no walk in the park; you have to do a lot of running around. There are so many things you need to buy to make it truly memorable.

Think about the cake, candles, goodies, balloons, booking a clown for entertainment, a bouncy castle and the likes. Also, think about the fact that your caterer or entertainment provider could cancel on you last minute.

Are you beginning to feel a headache just from imagining the potential chaos that could come from attempting to plan a kid’s party? Why not leave it entirely to YGross? We exist because we want you and your kid to enjoy that special day.

Our Planning Process

Our planning process at YGross is a unique one indeed. We provide exclusive services to all our clients. You can be assured that your party would be exclusively yours, with every event drafted and designed just for you.

We would work closely with you to get your approval for every step we would like to take in planning the event. You would tailor your kid’s birthday party to both your tastes. All we need is a description of what you envision, and we would bring that party theme to life.

Our planning process ensures that the party goes hitch-free. We take no chances with the people we depend on to supply everything we need for a successful party. We understand that it is in human nature to disappoint sometimes. To avoid situations like this, we always have a backup plan. A backup caterer, florist and even backup clowns and entertainers.

Securing a Venue

Securing a venue is one of the essential processes. If you don’t already have a venue in mind, we will work with you to find the perfect one. It would have to be suitable in terms of proximity for both you and your guests.

We would also have to think about the size of the venue, the number of guests you are expecting and the date. We have several locations at our fingertips, and we would happily share those options with you. After we have secured a venue, then we shall proceed to the next step.

Choosing a Theme

Children parties thrive on themes. If you want to impress your guests, you have to go with the current kids’ trends. These are most times animations kids enjoy. At a point, it was Frozen, then it changed. Some themes, however, remain a constant. For example, superhero themes.

After choosing a theme and securing a venue, the rest of the activities pretty much just fall into place. We have the other aspects covered. YGross has its décor and styling team, caterers, and entertainers, and we also have backup plans for unforeseen circumstances.

When hosting a kid’s party, you have nothing to worry about when you hire our services.